A summer filled with music of the ’90s was a chance to relive my youth.

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If lifelong love is what you’re after, ask yourself these four questions about your future mate.

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Enjoy a sparkling home and limit your family’s exposure to unnecessary toxins.

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A quiet house offers space for uninterrupted thought.

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So many interruptions!

Today is my daughter’s birthday.

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Two days before Christmas

Danger and Responsibility Lurk Around Every Corner.

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Who will write it and when?

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Reduce social anxiety and improve self-control with this simple cognitive tool

Photo By Andy Witchger

We can’t win the pandemic without them; it’s time to give them the support they need.

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Here are just some of the brain-boosting effects of learning to play an instrument.

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Tricia Chadwick

Teacher, business owner, and mom. I write about learning, parenting, animals, and living your best life.

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